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Citizen Price Sheet

 Citizen - Beam Seating Pricing
                   CITIZEN  SEATING              
                       Net Pricing - On Line              
                2007     Prices in US $              
                           Wholesale Only                
                   Factory Ordered Not In Stock              
        8000 Series                   9000 Series    
              Without Cushions Seat and Back Cushions          dimensions - inches with arms        
             MODELS     BASE   vinyl or fabric     height -  width depth      
          2-seat bench without arms   $588.00   $727.00     33.5 46.00 23.25      
          with all arms   $813.00   $952.00                
          3-seat bench without arms   $706.00   $963.00     33.5 69.25 23.25      
          with all arms   $1,006.00   $1,263.00                
          4-seat bench without arms   $940.00   $1,198.00     33.5 92.50 23.25      
          with all arms   $1,315.00   $1,573.00                
          5-seat bench without arms   $1,187.00   $1,498.00     33.5 115.75 23.25      
          with all arms   $1,637.00   $1,948.00                
          Combination seats with 1 large table.   without arms without arms                
          2-seat bench + end table   $680.00   $812.00                
                       Call or E-Mail for quantity pricing and delivery cost.       
          3-seat bench + end table   $795.00   $1,048.00                
                       Installation of seating will be quoted upon request.       
          4-seat bench + end table   $1,025.00   $1,283.00                
                      Units shipped KD ready for assembly.      
          Backless Benches quoted upon request         Assembly instructions provided.        
          armrests     $75.00                    
          table  large     $85.00                    
         custom vinyl or fabric   upon request                    
          Seat:  Injection molded polypropylene with antistatic formula                
          Option: Colors:  Blue, Red, Grey, Green, Black.                    
          Frame: Tubular steel, non-toxic powder coated finish                  
          Legs: Die cast aluminum, powder coated                    
          Arms: Die cast aluminum, powder coated to match legs                  
          Tables: Perforated steel, non-toxic metallic gray powder coated finish.                
          Upholstery: Trevira and  vinyl colors standard, fire retardant and easy to maintain.              
          All COM and COL must be approved by the sales office.                
          Prices and specifications subject to change without notice                
          All seating shipped ready for assembly with instruction and photos.              
              ISO 9001 & BIFMA certified      
                                             Airport Seating Alliance, 813 Ridge Lake Blvd.  Suite 401 Memphis, TN 38120 USA          
                a Division of Garavelli Enterprises, Inc.              
                Sales Tel. +1-901-685-8263                          Fax:  +1-901-683-6745          
               E-Mail:      Web Catalog:      


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